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The most recent photos are from the Dirty Love 15K at North Chagrin Reservation on 2/10/2019. 


All race photos are edited and in sequential order as you went by me. Depending on the race, I may have photographed you twice or more. 

On the page, please also look for photos from other Western Reserve Racing races and a few other races outside the WRR line-up.

Pricing depends on the race, printed size and print surface and digital downloads are available for your own printing or sharing. Some races are also free, depending on the arrangements with the Race Director. Please check the pricing for each individual race by looking at the race description.

I have some non-racing photos/portfolio pieces as well, a small number of photos that I think shows my range, that I have done over my career. I will be constantly adding photos to this page, so check every once in a while if you'd like.

If you have any questions about my photos, please feel free to ask me questions. The pricing is different for Portfolio pieces.

**Important Notice: The files here are lower resolution than the file you receive on purchase or for printing. If a watermark is present, it is also removed upon purchase.

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I have been holding a camera in my hands for over 30 years now. It started as a suggestion that I pick it up, that I might enjoy playing around with taking photos. Honestly, that still was the best suggestion anyone has ever made to me. I have worked as a photojournalist, illustrator, portrait artist, team photographer, and teacher and love every bit of it. I won't get all cliche here and talk about capturing "moments in time" because that's really what a camera does and how I see that moment may not be the same to anyone else. I look at it more as a great creative tool that's as diverse as a brush, pen, or word processor.
Thanks for checking this page out. Like life, it's a work in progress. Please feel free to use the photos you purchase, just make sure you give credit if you use them for publication.

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Guestbook for Steve Pierce Photography
Michael L. Stranathan(non-registered)
Steve, you had been a good friend to me ever since we met in kindergarten. You were one of the most kindest, most giving persons I have ever known. You were and will continue to be an inspiration to the friends and students that you have left. God bless you Steve, I will miss you.
Spencer Raymond-Smith(non-registered)
Thank you for everything Mr. Pierce, you were truly a friend not merely a teacher and words cannot adequately express the impact you had on me and so many others.
David Music(non-registered)
Hey, you were my art teacher. Twice. Really enjoy your stuff.
Tap Knupke(non-registered)
Thank you for being at the BBA
Sue Guyer(non-registered)
Awesome work, as always!
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